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Laser Dentistry

Victoria Callicutt, DDS & Amy Dayries, DMD, FAIHM Aesthetic & Integrative Dentistry

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Aesthetic & Integrative Dentistry in Roswell, Georgia, is dedicated to offering the most technologically advanced treatments available in modern dentistry, which is why Amy Dayries, DMD, FAIHM, provides exceptional laser treatments for their patients. For quick, cutting edge treatments with no needles and no pain, schedule a laser dentistry consultation with Aesthetic & Integrative Dentistry today by phone or using the online tool.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the use of laser tools (beams of high-powered light energy) to accomplish dental procedures. Dental lasers, like the Fotona Lightwalker®, can cut through both hard and soft tissue, making them useful for a wide variety of treatments. 

Aesthetic & Integrative Dentistry also performs treatments with photobiomodulation lasers. These lasers are healing or nonablative, which means that they don’t cut your tissues, but rather activate your cellular physiology and collagen formation.

This promotes the healing and proliferation of your tissues, providing the ultimate holistic approach to medicine and dentistry.


What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

As a state-of-the-art technology, the use of lasers in dental procedures has a number of advantages, such as:


Lasers are more accurate than traditional dental tools, which means that there is less trauma to surrounding dental tissues during your procedures. 


You typically don’t need injections of anesthesia when you have your dental procedure performed with a laser, because your dentist can use the laser itself to numb your tooth. That makes your time in the chair a much more comfortable experience. Lasers also save you from the unpleasant sounds, smells, and sensations associated with dental drills.

Quicker healing

Lasers cauterize as they cut through your tissues, which means that you have less bleeding both during and after your procedure. This also reduces the amount of inflammation you’d normally experience, effectively speeding up your healing and recovery process and minimizing pain. 

Post-surgical benefits

Lasers sterilize your tissue as they work, which reduces your risk of post-surgical complications. They also help to produce collagen in your tissues, which enhances your gum tissue, skin, dentin, and bone by stimulating fibroblasts, macrophages, and other cells.

All of these benefits make laser dentistry the highest form of minimally invasive dentistry.

What dental treatments use a laser?

Dental lasers are highly versatile tools and can be helpful in a number of procedures, including:

  • Restorative dentistry, like fillings or preparing teeth for crowns
  • Endodontic procedures, like root canals
  • Periodontal disease treatments
  • Decreasing tooth sensitivity
  • Accelerating integration of dental implant restorations
  • TMJ disorder treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments, like teeth whitening 
  • Sleep apnea treatments (NightLase®)


Dr. Dayries can also use photobiomodulation lasers to treat certain dental/facial disorders, and offers transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation (TENS) Unit or Tennant Meter therapy in conjunction with osteo-cranial therapy. 

To learn more about laser dentistry, schedule a visit with Aesthetic & Integrative Dentistry today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.